Specialized Masters

  • Key Management Areas

Management Control, Auditing and Accounting


 Corporate Law and Taxation

Human Resources Management


Marketing and communication

Logistics and supply chain management

 International Trade Management

  • Advanced training

Participatory Finance New

Tax Engineering

Applied Taxation

Strategic Management and Change Management

Information Systems Management and Corporate Governance

Strategy, Sustainable Development and Social and Environmental corporate Responsibility New

Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and New Digital Enterprise New

New Customer Experience Management New

  • Sectoral Challenges

Bank and insurance

Sports Management

Management of Cities and Territories

Public Management

Health Management and Marketing



International Accounting Standards IAS / IFRS

  •  Certificats 

Auditing and management control

Supply chain and Logistics

Human resources

Finance and accounting

Marketing and communication

Business management

Project management

Banking Technique

Public Management

Corporate Law

Taxation and Accounting


  • CPCF

        CPCF (In partnership with the order of chartered accountants– Morocco)


           Preparation for Accounting and Financial Careers, Accounting Expertise (French Track) INTEC

  • Preparation for the Special Cycle for professional Accounting (Accounting and Management ) CSC