Training for careers in accounting and finance of executives holding a Bac +3 level capable of:To assist accountants and financial managers or ensure accountability in businessesTo assist the accounting firms or accountants;In practical aspect, this training could also open other perspectives related to the abovementioned businesses
The training is organized in teaching units (TU) that the candidate can manage variably depending on availability.

TU 1 : Accounting and audit techniques repository (15 days)
TU 2 : business management (15 days)
TU 3 : Professional Case Studies: Accounting and financial components (15 days)
TU 4 : IT Management (15 days)
TU 5 : Professional Case Studies: Fiscal and social components (15 days)
TU 6 : professional Training and report (3 months internship)
after file review, This training is open to:Accounting professionals having evidential experience;Holding a minimum level of Bac + 2 with accounting and financial training.

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