“ISCAE followed a remarkable path since its creation in 1971. It built up a strong reputation through the years to become the reference in business education in Morocco, and its notoriety has gone beyond national frontiers.

The programs have been diversified and an international strategy has been implemented to follow the trend of global business schools.

The international environment, the needs of employers and of new generations are constantly evolving, which requires a prospective strategy, international collaboration and permanent contact with the business world and the needs of the markets.

In this context of exacerbate international competition, African business schools can benefit from the opportunity of a strong demand but also have to deal with many challenges. These are linked to the development of local faculty competence, the rapid technological changes and the gap between the rhythm of evolution of the African business schools and the expectations of the new generations.

Groupe ISCAE, with its history, its capitalized knowledge and its reputation has considerable asset to be a leading business school in Africa…”


Minister of Industry and Trade