The Specialized Master in Finance prepares for senior positions in different areas of finance. The objective is to:

-Provide the decision maker with a methodology that allows him to use financial theory to solve practical problems of corporate behavior and financial markets
-Increase the knowledge of the tools, concepts and methods of corporate finance and financial markets
-Adapt the company’s strategy to its environment
-Master the principles of financial management
-Review valuation methods, the tools of value creation and risk management techniques
-Optimize business cooperation operations
-Acquire the tools for measuring the financial performance

Applicants for this program must hold a Bachelor Degree with at least three years professional experience.

Applicants who meet the above conditions are eligible to take part in the entrance examination for the Master.

Entry requirements and selection

  • A pre-selection based on academic background (degrees and  records) and professional experience
  • A written test
  • An interview with the admissions committee to assess the applicant’s interpersonnal skills and motivation

Khadija Maghili

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