An innovative context

Morocco is now engaged in a major project to reform the local government system: decentralization, boosting regional investment, delegation of urban public services, positioning of large public services to comply with ever changing markets and territories.

These important changes make a renewal of management practices of local public services necessary. A more managerial approach, ensuring the establishment of more effective public-private partnerships in the service of citizens and businesses, is needed.

The M.S. in Management of Cities and Territories provides opportunities to managers in the local civil service, managers of public and private organizations working for the economic and social development of territories, including urban services companies, to address this evolution and the future.

Ambitious goals!

The M.S in Management of Cities and Territories offers participants, whether they are executives of the public sector or the private sector, a dynamic training allowing them to:

  • understand the fundamental strategic management of organizations
  • master public and private management with the most efficient methods and tools to conduct complex projects and monitor the performance of organizations
  • drive the change in the territories by developing techniques for economic and territorial intelligence at the service of efficient public-private partnerships

What the program offers

A training provided by ISCAE in Casablanca:

  • an internationally recognized diploma
  • a practical approach, based on sharing experiences and learning from field cases
  • a rigorous high-level academic support
  • compatibility with the professional responsibilities of the participants
  • access to a large alumni network

Applicants for this program must hold a Bachelor Degree with at least three years professional experience.

Applicants who meet the above conditions are eligible to take part in the entrance examination for the Master.

Entry requirements and selection

  • A pre-selection based on academic background (degrees and  records) and professional experience
  • A written test
  • An interview with the admissions committee to assess the applicant’s interpersonnal skills and motivation

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