The Master “Grande Ecole” program owes its leading position to key features:

  1. A very selective, in-depth, high quality educational curiculum to keep up with the rapidly changing global economic system, taught by experienced professors, as well as a team of professional experts and guest speakers
  2. An experience of the real business world thanks to corporate internships, tutorials and professional events
  3. A global immersion, through the numerous partnerships established with business schools and renowned universities around the world

The program’s aim is to allow our students to master, by the end of their curriculum, the tools, concepts, principles and methods of management, as well as the soft skills needed to succeed in a challenging environment. Therefore, our graduates can draw on a wide-ranging portfolio of management skills.
The program also enables our students to complete internships, as part of their education, and develop their own skills, allowing them to play their role as skilful, creative and innovative managers, in line with the requirements of the global business world. Thanks to a “Participant oriented approach”, our students have the opportunity to develop as confident thinkers and decision makers, recognize and maximise opportunities, with a well-rounded understanding of the key area of business management.
In general, this program enables our students to:

• Learn about concepts, principles and methods of management
• Acquire advanced training in specific chosen areas and specialist pathways
• Build up practical experience thanks to a system of internships related to their career projects
• Develop autonomy, decision making, leadership and entrepreneurial skills
• Progressively take responsability of their learning, in order to develop and improve, achieve mobility within the organization and adapt to the evolution of a global and multicultural business world

Our goal is to ensure that we maximise our graduates potential for success and help them progress to a challenging and rewarding career.

The program’s structure is made up of common core courses, specialization courses, a professional thesis, as well as other professional and personal development activities.
Common core
There are 24 course units in the common core curriculum. With the common core courses, the student will improve his general knowledge. In addition, he will be able to understand the environment in which the company progresses and will understand the different technical aspects of corporate management. Finally, he will have the opportunity to familiarize himself with the human aspects and the company’s dynamics.
The common core courses take place over the first three semesters of the curriculum (S1, S2 and S3).
Each specialization program has three aspects: specialized courses, interdisciplinary classes and methodology, internships and the professional thesis.
The specialized programs take place over the last three semesters of the curriculum (S4, S5 and S6). The S6 semester will be devoted to internships and  the professional thesis.
Five specialization pathways are available and may evolve:
• Corporate finance
• Audit, Accounting and Management Control
• Marketing
• Banking and Financial Markets
• Human Resources Management
Corporate internships
At Groupe ISCAE, we strongly believe that interships are an integral part of the career planning process. The purpose of the corporate internships is to get the chance to live experiences where our students can develop a clearer understanding of the workplace, interact with professionals in the field that interests them, and learn new skills that will enhance their resumes. Indeed, it endows them with a recognized professional experience. The student completes three internships in a company: two for two to three months and one for six months, throughout his three-year training.
Professional thesis
The professional thesis is an integrative activity whereby the student solves a real management issue, which is given to him by the company. The professional thesis is a public document in which the student defines the issue, puts it in its theoretical and academic context and in its specific environment, analyses it, formulates and evaluates hypothesis on the subject, and recommands solutions. The professional thesis represents the completion of the third and last internship of the Master Grande Ecole program.

Can I apply?

The admission process is extremely selective and requires sound skills in mathematics, statistics and languages along with a distinctive personnality.

The admission test for the Master Grande Ecole is open to any student who has successfully completed two years of undergraduate preparatory classes in Economics or Mathematics and Physics, and pre-selected students who scored highly during their two years of higher education in Business Adminstration.

When does the information and enrolment campaign start?

The information and enrolment campaign starts on the last week of march, every academic year.

Is there an age limit?

The admission test is open to candidates who are less than 24 years old during the year when the test takes place.

I am an international student, does this procedure apply to me?

The international students applications don’t fall under this procedure. There are two situations:

-If you are seeking a permanent international students status (for the whole program duration), there is another admission test which takes place every year in September at the ISCAE-Casablanca. The admission test is subject to an authorization by the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation.

-if you are an incoming exchange student or seeking a dual degree status, you have to go through the international department of your Business School or University. This applies only to students from partner institutions with whom Groupe ISCAE has signed an agreement. For more details, go to Section “International/ Academic Partners” of this website.

How do I make sure my application has been processed?

If you are an international student, please refer to the previous question.

If you are a national student, the application goes through two stages:

  • Online application
  • Submission of the application (paper version)

Your application should include:

For the students who completed 2 years of higher education:

  1. A copy of the official transcripts for the 4 semesters of higher education
  2. A copy of the Identification Card
  3. A copy of the bank deposit slip for the amount of the admission test, or the certificate of the scholarship (for students who benefit from a state scholarship)

For the students who are still in their second year:

The same documents are required. However, a legalized copy of the official transcripts of the 3 semesters is temporarily accepted.

For the preparatory classes students:

  1. A legalized copy of the certificate of enrolment in year two of preparatory classes
  2. A copy of the Identification Card
  3. The mathematics and/or physics preparatory classes students must provide an “eligibility certificate”
  4. The payment receipt for the application fee, or, for the scholarship students, a proof of the State Scholarship in 2 copies

Once those stages are completed, your application is complete and automatically confirmed.

How do I pay for the test fees?

The test fees amount of 300 dhs (subject to change each year) is non refundable and must be paid on-site at the ISCAE campus to the account administrator, or by bank transfer to: the Trésorerie Générale du Royaume (TGR), Agence Bancaire Place Oued El Makhazine Casablanca.

N°: 310.780.1003124001252501.75

Following this bank transfer, you will receive a bank deposit slip. It must be emphasized that scholarship students will be exempt of these fees on presentation of an authentic proof.

What is the submission deadline for my paper file?

The deadline for the submission of your application is released every academic year on the website.

How do I proceed to forward my paper file to the ISCAE?

The file has to be presented at the selected center, either at ISCAE-Casablanca or ISCAE-Rabat. Any application file sent by mail or after the deadline will not be taken into account.

When and who communicates the admission results for each stage of the competition ?

The results are released on the website.

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