The Doctoral Program aims to:

  • Offer graduate students a life-changing journey towards becoming producers of new knowledge and contributing to national research in management sciences
  • Train future experts and professors, able to provide deep insights into management concepts oriented towards the business needs, with a real added value
  • Enrich the local content of academic and teaching material through inhouse publishing

The entry requirements are based on the applicant’s academic achievements, his thesis project and his pre-admission written exam score. We also look for the appropriate level of commitment expressed during the interview session.

The Doctoral program is open to students holding the following diplomas:

  • The Groupe ISCAE Diploma: Master “Grande Ecole”
  • A Master with Reasearch Degree in Management or an equivalent degree
  • The Diploma of Chartered Professional Accountant
  • The  Groupe ISCAE Diploma: Cycle Supérieur de Gestion

The application is proccessed as follows:

  • Assessment of the application focusing on the academic background and the research proposal presented by the applicant. The application grade is 35% of the overall selection score.
  • Written exam and individual interview to assess scientific knowledge in management, motivation for research and doctoral studies, perception of major contemporary issues and the language proficiency (French and English).

The selection process starts only if all supporting documents are submitted.

The applicants are not allowed to take the exam if they are more than 15 minutes late.

A maximum of twenty seats per academic year is available for the Doctoral Program.

Touria Ait Kadi
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